Al holding a bottle of Red Rock Cider

Red Rock Cider was an alcoholic beverage produced by Taunton Cider plc, a company that was also responsible for ciders such as Dry Blackthorn and Diamond White Cider. Red Rock Cider was sold in the UK, mostly during the 1980s and the 1990s. Leslie Nielsen did the advertisements as Detective Frank Drebin, Drebin was never namechecked but Nielsen's part was very similiar. Captain Ed Hocken didn't appear in any of the commercials there was a character named Al who was an employee of Frank, portrayed by Philip O'Brien. The cider is best remembered for it's commercials and it's catchphrase "It's not red, and there's no rocks in it". A lot of Police Squad! Gags, such as the Opening title and the screwdriver joke, were also used in the commercials, most commercials were introduced under the name Fraud Squad!, however in one episodes Frank's batch says "Fried Squid". The commercials were directed by John Lloyd.


Image Opening title Guest stars Alternate Squad! name
Operation Undercover (The Secret Assignment) Operation Undercover
(The Secret Assignment)
unknown Fraud Squad!
Albert Einstein's Foam Guide Albert Einsteins Foam Guide
Hank Marvin (as himself) Fried Squid!
There Go My Thrausers (Terror in the Night) There Go My Thrausers
(Terror in the Night)
unknown Fraud Squad